Secure Push eDocument Delivery

Organizations today are looking for ways to harness technology to reduce costs. Secure Push eDocument Delivery has the potential to reduce costs in multiple areas, while at the same time improving the overall customer experience. Secure Push eDocument Delivery in its simplest form is the delivery of information to customers and other stakeholders directly to their inbox. With more and more people online every day and a large majority of them reporting that they spend a majority of their time managing their email, delivering information to the inbox is one of the most efficient and effective ways to communicate with your customers and stakeholders. This is not a replacement to your web strategy, but a complementary approach.

Current “Pull” methodologies, designed to direct a user to a website has resulted in adoption rates of less than 10% across most industries. The primary reason for the low adoption rates is the requirement of the user to “Take Action” to be Pulled, or directed to a website. Once on the website, the user is then required to remember yet another user name and password and potentially navigate through numerous screens to reach their desired destination. And with many consumers still using dial up access, the challenges of the “Pull” model are even higher. These hurdles have resulted in user inertia, and the disappointing adoption rates. By “Pushing” the information directly to the user’s inbox, adoption rates increase to over 40% in a B2C environment and over 80% in a B2B environment. Adoption rates at this level will result in massive cost savings in postage, printing, paper and the personnel and overhead costs associated with your mailroom operations.

These cost savings alone would result in a significant ROI but there are many more benefits that will result from communicating with your customers via secure email.

1. Reduced Call Center Volume- A wide variety of self help tools allowing customers to communicate with you via email. Included are simple tools such as change of address information that customers can deliver to you electronically, rather than by calling your call center. This will reduce your costs but will also add convenience to the customer who would rather not have to take time from their busy schedule to call you. They would much rather send you an email at their convenience. In addition to such self help tools, there are more advanced tools for such issues as dispute resolution. All of these tools are designed to reduce your costs and improve your customer relationship.

2. Improved Marketing Effectiveness-eDocuments can include unlimited marketing and are a much more effective means of communication than paper stuffers in envelopes. Branding, promotions, links, etc. can all be included. Full reporting capability provides your marketing team with the information they need to create targeted, highly effective, marketing campaigns. Marketing material can be changed as often as you wish.

3. Reduced Days’ Sales Outstanding- Technology exists today to take payment directly from within the PDF eBill, without customers having to link to a single webpage. Email delivery results in instant delivery rather than the numerous days for the regular mail process. Clients in some cases are reporting in excess of a 30% reduction in days’ sales outstanding as many customers choose to pay their bill upon receipt with a few simple clicks.

4. Increased Security-Customers and stakeholders will view their information as an offline attachment. With one easy click after entering a shared secret, documents are opened. This is more secure than either paper or online. It also gives the customer multiple options for the document including saving, filing, printing, discarding and, if applicable, paying with just one click.

The Push strategy is predicated on the assumption that your customers process their information today in the inbox. For years, customers have gone to the mail box outside of their homes or the mailbox at their business office to retrieve their mail. We believe that more success will be achieved with customers by not asking them to change their habits. They are used to having their bills, statements, etc. sent, or Pushed to them. We want to continue that method but change the delivery destination to their electronic mailbox rather than their physical mailbox. Given the adoption rates being achieved with Push eDocument Delivery and the relative success compared to Pull methodologies, which are asking customers to change their behavior and go out and find their information, we believe the case for Push is clear and the Value Proposition very powerful.

This important & strategic offering doesn’t only reduce costs; it dramatically reduces the impact on our environment. The positive “environmental impact” that Secure eDocument Delivery has on lowering each customer’s “carbon footprint” is a compelling value proposition in itself:

The following calculations are an indication of how Email Billing solution is assisting clients with their Corporate Social Responsibility commitments:

According to for every 38,500 bills produced:

o 1 ton of paper is used

o 2 tons of trees are destroyed

o 16,450 gallons of water is used

o 1,941 pounds of solid waste is generated

o 60 pounds of air emissions are spewed out

o 5,058 pounds of greenhouse gases are emitted

In other words, by selecting an Email Billing solution, customers can assist in dramatically reducing the impact on our environment. Another line in terms of your Corporate Social Responsibility commitments could be along the following: ___________________ is constantly looking to apply the latest innovations and expertise to help to solve the country’s GHG and energy challenges.