How to Make an On-Demand Food Ordering and Delivery Application

Today, the world is going mobile and there are enormous competent mobility solutions for all types of industries. Mobile applications serve people with different features, allowing them to perform their tasks easily.

A comprehensive range of on-demand food ordering and delivery apps are adding ease and comfort to the life of all the foodies. Using top food delivery apps, you can have all the delicious food delivered to your home. Moreover, these apps are promising to deliver mouth-watering food without compromising the quality, so you can serve hot food and enjoy your food.

Usually, there are three main types of food service platforms, including order focused platforms, full-service platforms and logistics focused platforms. Generally, we all think that logistics-focused platform is considered as the most lucrative type because it is the food service, which sums all the orders and provides a range of vehicles to their partner restaurants for picking up the food.

In the recent time, the on-demand food delivery applications are not just a buzz among users; however, it has commanded the attention of restaurant owners and mobile app developers. If you are running a restaurant, it would be great to invest in on-demand food ordering and delivery application, allowing your customers to order food from the comfort of their home.

But how will you make your own on-demand food ordering application? Which features will you include to make it stand out from other food delivery apps? In this article, I will help you to make your own food delivery application with requisite features.

Let’s Have a Look at the Top Features That Should Be Considered While Making a Food Delivery Solution:

A Complete Food Menu

Most of the food businesses and restaurant entrepreneurs are depended on GrubHub’s API, which sums all the restaurant data like open hours, menu, address, etc. and save them to the cloud. With this, clients can easily recover their required information and comfortably place an order without any restriction.

While making a food ordering app, you need to consider this feature in mind and include a complete food menu, allowing users to surf the whole menu and select their desired dish. With the help of GrubHub’ssemi public API, customers can get access to menu information from an extensive database of 10000+ restaurants. In addition to this, the API can also be used by another food delivery app to transfer the order and payment details to a partner restaurant.

Easy Search Option

Postmates is the most popular food delivery application that provides easy local search option to its customers, enabling them to look at different restaurants with their menus and prices. The customers place an order, Postmates communicates it to the restaurant and directly sends a courier to pick it up when it is ready.

Therefore, you should also include a search option in your application, allowing your customers to search different dishes of their choice and order it easily. The search option saves a lot of time of your customers, making it easy to order.

Food Ordering

When you make an on-demand food delivery application, make sure that you include easy food ordering feature that enables customers to order the food and make payment as per his/her convenience right from making a payment through a card or cash on delivery.

There are lots of users, who love the last order, prefer to order it again from the menu and the chances are that it is the same menu again. You can make ordering extremely easy for your customers so they can order any food item and dishes with just a few clicks.

Estimated Time of Delivery

For most of the people, time is money and they value their time. Even there are modern customers, who value precision and punctuality of delivery. Your customers will be happy if food delivery application gives them an approximate time for the arrival of their food.

For an example, a leading pizza brand Dominos promises to deliver its pizza within 30 minutes, whereas Postmates gives the exact time when their order shall reach them.

However, it is possible with machine learning that takes into account important considerations like the location of the delivery, the volume of the order, availability of drivers, etc. Machine learning helps users to calculate a right delivery time so that you can make your customers happy.

Location Tracking

Along with the above-mentioned features, you can consider location tracking as customers always wish to stay informed with the food’s whereabouts. Ensure that you allow your customers to track the real-time location of their order using a food delivery app.

By tracking the right location of their food, they can get an idea about the exact time it will take to deliver. For this high-end feature, you can MapKit for iOS and Google Maps API for Android for them same. Ultimately, you can integrate mapping software in your food app and for this, you can make use of Google Maps for the both versions of your app.


Your food delivery app can’t get success if you are not including an important feature of in-app payment. You need to integrate any payment system into your application like Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, etc. to enable users to initiate a payment through their credit or debit cards.

Another option is that you can use Square’s API, which redirects the customers to the independent Square app, allowing the execution of payment procedure transparently. It is recommended to integrate as many payment options as possible so that you can furnish a comfortable customer experience.

Conclusion –

Day-by-day, the demand for an on-demand service is increasing as people are looking for some easy ways to get their work done. Whether they are ordering food, booking a taxi or looking for on-demand laundry service, on-demand service has gained the huge attention of people.

With this, there are chains of restaurants that are looking for developing a feature-rich on-demand food delivery application. This, alluring food delivery app development considered as an impressive way for generating revenues.

Using a Website for Your Florist Delivery Business

There are many different advantages for using a website as a tool for your florist delivery business. These advantages affect many different areas of your business. We will discuss some of these advantages in this article.

One of the first advantages that using a website provides for your business is the immediate access to one of the largest networks of customers. You not only will be able to present your florist products and delivery service to people within your area or even your country, but you will be able to present your florist displays to users all around the world, simply by opening your webpage. This kind of advertisement and product placement cannot be gained for this low of a cost in any other way as it would simply cost thousands of dollars to be able to advertise your products worldwide to the same extent as creating a website would.

Another amazing advantage of using a website for your business is that you can simply reduce many of your costs simply by using your website as the portal to sell your flowers from. This means you will not need to open any stores as you can simply deliver using your current delivery service from home or even warehouse unit if you own one. You can massively save on the costs of having to rent florist stores, having to employ and pay as many staff and you can reduce the menu costs as you can quick and easily edit them all online in the click of a button.

You can greatly improve your profit not only with the reduction in costs mentioned in the last advantages, but you can also increase your profit margins as you do not have as many overheads to be included in the costs of the flower displays. Again linking back to the first advantage, you will be able to overnight massively increase your customer base, as customers from all around the world will suddenly be able to purchase your products or services. Obviously this means that you can expect to suddenly pick up a larger amount of sales over time, thus increase your revenues and ultimately increase your profit.

Another major advantage to using a website as a tool for your business whether selling products or services is that you can manage, calculate and control your online marketing strategies efficiently and effectively as you can get all of the statistics directly and use them to calculate the effects your marketing has directly has on your sales, traffic and florist interest. You can then use this information to calculate which methods of marketing are more useful or cost effective for your business.

Using a website as a tool for your florist delivery business gives you the leverage to very quickly and efficiently make changes to any flower availability, pricing, special offers, promotions, or any seasonal changes. This allows you to maintain an almost instantaneous connection with your business and its customers. You will not have to spend time in store making changes to each individual item, or have to manually work around the store making changes to advertisements or promotional banners as it can all be done instantly online, with a swift transition from one to another.

An advantage of using a website as a tool, for newly founded florist delivery businesses particularly is the extremely lower costs of starting up your florist business and store. Using a website can reduce and change many costs that I have already mentioned and this can be particularly beneficial for new florists that have not yet established themselves in the industry or have the funds to be able to operate at a loss initially if they are not so successful. All of these differences in costs can have a massive impact on the overall revenue or profit a florist will make, which can very easily be in the thousands of dollars for many florists. Using a website allows new florist businesses to begin selling and delivering their displays online whilst maintaining very low costs in comparison to opening florist stores physically and hiring larger numbers of staff. Keeping these start-up costs low enables more florists to be able to be successful in their first few years of trading which will allow them to eventually open florist stores and warehouses if they desire to do so without having to risk their business initially as they become more stable in time.

Having a website as a tool for your florist delivery business will enable you to cut out the middleman when dealing with customers, you can sell directly to them without having to deal with the costs involved in employing other individuals to make the sales for you. Whether it is business to business sales or business to customer sales, you will be able to do this directly yourself with your own flower displays and deliver them with your own delivery service.

Finally another huge advantage to having a website as a tool for a florist is that this allows you to operate your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week as you do not have to shut up shop and lock the doors. If you have a website that is able to automatically process online payments then you can quite easily set up a business that can operate online 24 hours a day. This allows you to take in more revenue as you do not have a closing time on your store, which otherwise physically you would have to close the store.

These are just a few of the many benefits that will arise from using a website as a tool for your florist delivery business. Best of all, you can set up a website right now for almost no cost! Some domains allow you to use their webhosting free of charge and you can use a simple graphical user interface and a WYSIWYG platform to create your website, even for beginners.

Another solution is to go to the expert and get a site built, “Done for You!”. I have a florist delivery site example for you to look at All that is needed to make site like this your own is add contact details, images of your own floral displays and prices. Other marketing tools to use in conjunction with your site are social media platforms. This site has Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+plus connected and these accounts are active. The blog page on a site is another area that adds current content to your site which helps with ranking on Google pages. You can interact with your customers and advertise specials. Link your blog pages to your social media. No more letter drops, just a click of a few buttons and your advertising is done for you.