How to Use Promotional Codes and Free Delivery Codes

What Kind of Codes Are There?

Promotional Codes are a very popular feature in the UK when it comes to online shopping. Almost every respected retailer like Dixons, Currys, Topman or British Airwaves issues Codes and thus give their customers a unique opportunity to save some extra money when purchasing their products online. The discount depends on the retailer only and can refer to 5-15% off any placed order, Free Delivery, Next Day Delivery a Free Chocolate Box or a special gadget.

Using Promotional Codes…

Using Voucher Codes is exceedingly simple and cannot go wrong. The first step on your way to saving money online is to find a good and reliable retailer. We can recommend as we know their personal approach to Promotional Codes and we know how much determination and heart they put into their business. You will find some really great offers and valuable Discounts on their website.

The next thing to do is click on the given Code. After that, you will mostly be forwarded to the merchant website where you will do your shopping. The Promotional Code should appear at the top of the screen and should be good visible. After you have done your online shopping the Code will come in handy. You will be asked to enter in the given Code in a special box at the checkout. Then simply click on the “redeem” button which will take a second to check the validation date of your Code. If valid, information about the discount should appear on your computer screen. If you have done everything correctly you will be a satisfied customer as you have just saved a certain amount of money.

Here is an example of how it works:

How to Use Free Delivery Codes…

The very same procedure applies to Free Delivery Codes. If the given Code is valid you will see a information on your screen that shipping costs for the given item do not apply. In other words, your items will be send to you absolutely free of charge!

Keep in mind that if there is no information about the Discount displayed at the checkout after redeeming your Code the given Code is in all probability fake or not valid anymore. That is why you should always use reliable websites while hunting for your Voucher Codes.

There is one exception to this rule. Some websites puts special and unique Codes at your disposal which cannot be found anywhere else. In such cases, the Code will be very often redeemed automatically after you have clicked on it.

Automate eBay eBook Delivery For Free!

As an eBay eBook seller you have the ability to automate a lot of your work – starting with digital delivery. You can automate for free using Outlook Express and here’s how you do it.

Setting Up Your Message Rule

At the top Menu Link, Find the word/link: “Message”, click it. From the menu displayed, select: “Create Rule From Message. .”.

A new window will appear giving you multiple check boxes to select from.

Here are the ones you MUST check:

1. Select the Conditions for your rule:

“Where the Subject line contains specific words”

2. Select the Actions for your rule:

“Move it to the specified folder”


“Reply with message”

Now, 3. is where you will be setting all these rules up that you have previously selected under numbers 1. and 2. Inside the small text box area of 3., you will see several words that are links. Click on each of
them so that these rules can be set up successfully.

For the first rule, you will want to enter the following text in the appropriate text field once you click the linked words: “contains specific words”. . .

Item #00000000 Notification of Payment Received

You will need to replace the zero’s above with your actual auction listing number which you can find inside your “My Ebay” area.

The next rule you want to adjust is the “specified” text link provided inside 3. text field.

For this, you may want to create a special folder for all incoming eBay Auction Payments for your listings to better keep track of them and to separate them from other payments you receive from other sources if you are running other types of businesses online. You can name the folder anything you wish and when you click on the above text, you will be given the option to create a “New Folder”.

The last and final rule you will want to adjust is the “message” text link provided to you. This is when you will need the email message you made up earlier. Click on the “message” link and a new window will open up ready to accept your settings for the specific email message you created to be sent out. Find it on your hard drive and select it as the message that will be sent out for your auction listing as a payment is received.

Then, hit the “OK” button. And close the Message Rule settings window.

Now, Open up the “Tools” > “Message Rules” > “Mail” and find the Message Rule that you just created. Highlight the name of the message rule, usually it will be “New Mail Rule #1” if you did not give it a specific name earlier.

Then, click on the “Apply Now” button. It will apply the rule immediately to all incoming messages to your inbox. Then simply hit “OK” to exit. And you’ll be all set for automation!

You can follow the above process and create as many email message rules as you like if you have different items up for auction.

If you can afford it however you should consider purchasing an eBook delivery programme. Outlook only sends the eBook when you are online so is not ideal if you are away from the computer for a long time.

Fruit Basket Delivery – Is it the Answer to Your Gift Giving Dilemma?

Have you ever been faced with a giant gift giving dilemma? You might have an occasion that you need a gift for, and yet you just don’t know what to get? That is where edible gifts come in. People love them and they don’t junk up anyone’s house. One of my favorite ways to give edible gifts is to order fruit basket delivery. Here’s how to know if it will solve your gift giving problems.

Does the person you need to gift put everything you give them in a yard sale? If so a fresh fruit gift basket is a perfect way to give a gift. They will eat all the fruit up (and yes, maybe give some away & brag about what a good gift giver you are), and think of you while they are doing it.

Do you need to ship your gift? I love to buy gifts like this for people who live far away. It is a GREAT way to give special thoughtful gifts without having to run to the store and the post office, because you can order fruit basket gifts online with just a few clicks.

Does the person you are buying for appreciate quality? If so, fruit basket delivery is a perfect choice.To find high quality programs look for distributors that own there fruit groves and orchards and that offer a quality guarantee.You want someone who will stand behind there products and care about the experience of the recipient of your gift.