How To Create Automatic Delivery For Your Ebay Items

So you want to sell ebooks and/or digital products on eBay and you want your customers to have instant access and for this to be done automatically?
Up until recently automatic delivery has never been so easy!

Now you can sell hundreds of digital products every day and never have to send an email.

Where is my eBay digital delivery?

Some customers may ask you where is my product,
or that they have checked their email and there is no delivery.
If you are selling digital products and a customer asks you where their product is, please feel free to provide a link to this article.

As per eBay’s new policy on digital products the download page is displayed after your purchase by eBay.
To find this page

1. Log in to the eBay account under which the item was purchased.

2. Go to “My eBay.”

3. View the “Items I’ve Won.”

4. You will find the view digital delivery hyperlink next to the item you purchased.

Please note, you may have to click the arrow to see the drop down menu to access the hyperlink.

Also, you can find the digital download hyperlink by going back to the ad of the item you purchased.

Digital delivery seller requirements

Here are some of the requirements to sell digital items.

1. Use fixed price or store inventory (you can’t sell digital items by auction).

2. Offer only immediate PayPal payment.

3. You must use a PayPal Verified Premier or Verified Business account. (From experience I find the most trusted sellers are verified)

4. No pornographic material.

5. Seller must be the intellectual property owner, or an authorised reseller.

6. Sellers item must not include any software/scripts that harm the buyers computer or privacy.

For more information try reading eBays FAQ on digital items

Step one

Please note you can only sell digital items as fixed price, or store item (no auctions allowed).
After selecting your category you will then arrive at the “Title & Description” page.

If you don’t see the “List as a digital file or information” then you may have used the wrong category. For example, you can’t sell digital products in the motor vehicle category. Also, you could try lisiting the item from to see if that makes a difference (sometimes does).

Please note, you may have to start a new listing to enable the digital delivery option.

Step two

After clicking the “List as a digital file or information” link, type some information about the product for sale. For example, is it mac compatible? Windows XP SP2 compatible? pdf, .exe, or zip files? Will the file be downloaded or emailed?

Make sure you click the legal agreement box and that you are an authorised seller.

Step three

After you have setup the “Title & Description”, the “Pictures & Details” you now will have to setup the “Payment & Delivery”.

This is the page where you specify how the buyer will receive the item. The buyer will only be shown this after payment has been made.

Here you can give the buyer details, for example:

“You can download your purchase from here….”

“Please message me (my email address) and let me know which email address you would like me to send your purchase to …”

“If you have any questions or problems, please email me here…”

I recommend you supply people with a download page, or a link to download the file. That makes the whole process more automatic, and your customer receives the product immediately after purchase.

Final word

I hope this article answers all of your questions about eBay digital delivery, and thank you for your time.