Creating an Online Presence For Your Restaurant Express Delivery Service

Just like any other business nowadays, it is relatively important to create an online presence for your restaurant express delivery service business.


Not only will it save you some advertising cost but having a website creates a more professional appeal to your consumers. Nowadays, you have to have an online presence or you are nonexistent at all.

Here are some easy options to help you start creating your food delivery business website.

1. Do it yourself.

If you plan to save some pennies, you can maximize the use of the internet and read how-to guides on how to create your website. The internet is full of resource and you can test or try these resources and you will definitely get the hang of things along the way.

Before you set up an account or begin on experimenting your website, make sure you have at least 5 to 10 pages of content for your site. You can either write these contents or have someone with good copywriting skills to write it for you.

Before starting to write or outsource on-page articles for your site visit Google External Keyword tool first, (go to Google and just type in “keyword tool”, it would surely come up as first in the result) and type in keywords you think people would type to reach your website.

The Google keyword tool will help you get an idea on what keywords are good to use on your on-page copies. Less advertiser competition and higher global search volume, the better. A better trick would be to type in Google search engine the keyword you would like to rank for, click on the website on the top result and put the url in Google keyword. It will give you an idea of other keywords you can use and target for your site.

Most websites are easy to create you don’t even have to have any experience dealing with HTML, CSS or Javascripts. You just have to click and save and upload your content using platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

There are also a lot of free hosting websites you can choose from.

Once set up, congratulations, you are now in the first step on creating an online presence for your restaurant express delivery service.

But having a website doesn’t mean people can now start to find you. Just like how you distribute printed brochures or menu guides to get more people to call and order, you have to do the same online, only instead of distributing printed menus, you are going to distribute links.

You need as much as many websites to post your link to (that points to your website).

You can hire an SEO to help you with internet marketing and online promotion or read how-to guides online on how to promote your business. You will be overwhelmed by millions of site offering expert advice on how to do this, the trick is to get information only from one source, you think could be trusted. Don’t to try to read them all or you’ll end up more confused and frustrated.

2. Outsource it.

If you can’t handle doing all the things described above, you can choose to hire freelancers and outsource it.

Before you outsource, just make sure that you have an idea of what exactly you’d like the freelancer to accomplish to save time and avoid misunderstanding.

List of things you can outsource would be the following:

1. Graphics for your website. – website graphics is very important in creating online presence for your restaurant express delivery service. Aside from having a well designed website, you should appeal customers by having appetizing images on your site.

2. On-page copies – an internet marketing must, you should have original articles on your site. The internet loves original copies and buries sites that only have duplicated contents. If you have a duplicate content, you’ll end up buried under millions of pages and it would be impossible for target customers to find your restaurant express delivery service online.

3. SEO / Link Building – search engine optimization is now becoming more and more necessary nowadays. Now that more and more are starting to gear their business marketing strategies online, the internet becomes more and more competitive for most business owners. You have to implement continuous online marketing strategies to stay “on-the-scene.”